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Image by Ebba Thoresson
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22.11.24 to 24.11.24

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The Hobbits Hoedown is an annual not-for-profit LARP weekender event organized in Melbourne, Victoria.

It spans for two and a half consecutive days around November/December

Image by Annie Spratt


Every year, four lively hobbit families reunite during the transition from Spring to Summer. This has been a long-loved tradition for generations, as they celebrate the turning of the seasons, the health of family & friends, the glory of bragging rights for their family and all-around showcasing the best of all Hobbitses. It started as a lovely outing between friends and grew to include more family and friends until it was simply too large to be so infrequent in planning. 

Another problem was, too many Hobbits felt snubbed if they simply weren’t thought of upon invitation. Well, that sorted it. It’d have to happen so that everyone would receive an invite, with not too little notice. Since then, the families have become (rivalries aside) fast friends. The event celebrates the turning of Spring to Summer, the health of family and friends and good-natured competition.

Image by Annie Spratt

The whole event was like a slice of hot apple pie. I loved the little moments; people playing cricket or corn hole or quoits, or sitting and crafting or painting. I loved listening to the musicians rehearsing songs, and dancing with everybody on the Saturday night. And I loved all the effort everyone had put into it; not just the amazing Committee and Hobbit Helpers who all did so so much work behind the scenes, but the bakers in the showcases, the people who brought games to share or little trinkets to trade. It was a really beautiful experience. Thank you!

—  2023 [Higgleby Member]

Image by Annie Spratt

"All of you have made something amazing, an environment where someone like me can arrive in a terrible mental state and not only pull out of it but go in the complete opposite direction and have a joyous, fulfilling and extremely restorative time away from all of my comforts and controls."

—  2019 [Bluffwater Member]

"Honestly, genuinely and with the most heartfelt sincerity thank you. This event was wonderful in so many ways. I didn't know I needed it to exist until we experienced it together."

—  2019 [Higgleby Member]


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay our respects to Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty has never been ceded. It always was and always will be, Aboriginal land. We recognise the past atrocities against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of this land and that Australia was founded on the genocide and dispossession of First Nations people. The struggle to seek justice and to remember and address this nation’s past is ongoing and a necessary requirement for individual and collective healing.

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