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Image by andreas kretschmer

You are cordially invited to. 

Art by Nokie Draws (Paige Harper)


Image by Annie Spratt

We know it's been such a long time since we last saw our friends and family, thus we are pleased as punch to announce the upcoming event this November 22th-24th, 2024.

This event is a Live Action Roleplay event, This LARP aims to bring people together for wholesome fun, strong roleplay and a tight aesthetic focus.

Join one of four hobbit families as they come together for the turning of the season from spring to summer!

Follow all their quirky traditions, play good-natured pranks with friends, play party games in the tournament, partake in baking, brewing & crafting showcases, and enjoy leisure time by playing music, napping outdoors or taking tea!


We are thrilled to announce the venue for Hobbits Hoedown 2024 will be held at:

Britannia Park 

210 Britannia Creek Road 

Wesburn 3799


After reviewing feedback from HH23, organisers felt Britannia Park would be a more suitable venue to host this year. It offers a levelled site with less strenuous journeys back to dormitories and from the playing field for our players. There are also plenty of facilities and buildings we are able to access to lessen the strain on organisers and helpers in not needing to pack each space down to allow for the next scheduled event.

Highlights we are excited about:

Three main dormitories, two beautifully heritage listed and one rustic log dorm, well kept campground, natural amphitheatre, wooden gazebo on intended party field, plenty of shade and trees, soft grass and garden space, dance hall with exposed beams and a separate showcase hall, outdoor chapel space, fire rings etc

An important note:
In the event of an extreme or catastrophic fire day rating, please note that the site legally cannot host our event and for the safety of all involved, the event will be rescheduled to a new date. If this occurs, tickets will be valid for the rescheduled event but we cannot refund tickets. 


Britannia Park features three main dormitory style accommodations along with camping grounds. This year we've allowed for the option to select a preferred cabin for those purchasing tickets in the first ticket sale round. This will be between the Broadhurst Lodge and the Guide House leaving the Brownie Cottage for those requiring extra accessibility considerations.


Broadhurst Lodge will be one of two cabins available to pre-select a space in during the first round of ticket sales. Its the largest accommodating of the three available cabins.

Seven bedrooms,

x 3 with two bunks and a single bed (sleeps 5) 

x 3 with one bunk and one bed (sleeps 3) 

x 1 with three bunks (sleeps 6)

Bathroom one:

x 3 showers

x 2 toilets

Bathroom two:

x1 toilet

x 1 shower

Rear Bathroom:

x 1 toilet

x 1 walk-in shower

There is a communal living space, fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, stove, oven and microwave as well as a laundry also available. Fridge space will likely be required for showcase items (please contact us if you require space for non showcase items so we can allocate accordingly). 

Broadhurst Lodge Map


Guide House Map

Guide House is the second of the two cabins available to pre-select a space in during the first round of ticket sales. 

Six bedrooms,

x 2 with four bunks (sleeps 8)

x 1 with three bunks (sleeps 6)

x 3 with two single beds (sleeps 2) 

Internal Bathroom:

x 1 showers

x 1 bath

x 1 toilet

Separate Bathroom:

x 3 toilets

x 3 showers

There is a communal living space, fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, stove and oven. Fridge space will likely be required for showcase items (please contact us if you require space for non showcase items so we can allocate accordingly). 


Brownie Cottage will not be available for pre-selecting in the initial ticket sale, this is due to it being reserved for hobbit helpers and ticket holders requiring a ramp/minimal stairs.

If you feel you require this space please contact us via email. 

Five bedrooms,

x 2 with two single beds (sleeps 2) 

x 1 with three single beds (sleeps 3) 

x 1 with three bunks (sleeps 6) 

x 1 with two bunks and three single beds (sleeps 7)

Internal Bathroom:

x 1 bath

x 1 toilet

External Bathroom:

x3 toilets

x3 showers

There is a communal living area, dining area, separate toilet and shower area as well as a ramp access to the cottage. Brownie Cottage also has its own vehicle access for those requiring minimal walking when transporting items to their cabin.  

Brownie Cottage Map


In some feedback responses we received from last year, attendees asked whether we could include the option to camp and as we navigated our site visitations with this in mind, Britannia Park was the most accommodating option for this. 

There will be space for three camp grounds, organised in circle configurations further down from the party field. Each campsite has a corresponding toilet and shower block.  

We can't guarantee campfires will be allowed but we will be able to determine this once weather forecasts have been given for the event. 

All campers must provide their own tents, bedding etc. The ticket price is reduced to allow for this. 




  • Hot buffet breakfast

  • Food showcase

  • Light lunch

  • Food showcase

  • Roast dinner


  • Hot buffet breakfast

  • Final food showcase

Players MUST give their dietary requirements and allergies when they purchase a ticket. If you have a severe allergy it is crucial that you alert us in the ticketing and sign in process and bring any potentially required medication with you to the event.

There will be an epi-pen on site for emergencies but players aware of allergies requiring one must also carry their own. 

Photo by Liam Allan Photography
Photo by Liam Allan Photography

Ticket pricing includes catering from Saturday morning through until Sunday afternoon. You only need to bring extra food if its for Friday evening or if you are partaking in the in- character food showcases. We cannot stress enough how much food will be available to you throughout this Hobbit themed event!


Food showcases are scheduled multiple times over the weekend, these are all in-character.

Characters will partake in a country-fair style food showcase where they present a dish they believe will win them the family prize ribbon. All players line up to grab a plate and try a sample of each entry and discuss their favourites. It is not mandatory to enter the food showcase but it is encouraged.

Photo by Liam Allan Photography
Photo by Michael Rutter Photography

What is a family prize ribbon you may ask? Each of the four families will have two judges that will give out ribbons for their favourite entry - this means there are eight ribbons that can be won at each showcase!

While there are ribbons awarded, it is important to iterate that this event is not intended to be competitive as each family judge may present a ribbon for different reasons. For example; a Higgleby may present a ribbon to the cheekiest of entries (eg. a cheesecake dessert that is cleverly disguised as sausages and mashed potato) while a Bluffwater judge may present a ribbon to the most complicated creation! Enter only what you feel your character would contribute to such an occasion.

Upon signing in your item will be handed over to kitchen helpers and you'll be asked to present a pre-filled (or fill out a) showcase entry form - this is out of character and required for all showcase entries to make sure we are able to correctly label for those with allergies. 

While there are facilities in each dormitory cabin available for prep use (oven, stove, microwave) we do encourage players to select recipes with minimal prep requirements as not to miss out on game-play. Please consider anything requiring more than plating up will be your own responsibility on the day and you'll be called upon to do so prior to the showcase number you've been allocated!

PLEASE NOTE: Any gluten-free flours or dairy alternatives must have the ingredients listed (Eg. rice flour / soy flour) as they may contain allergens


The heirloom exhibition stands as an enchanting opt-in in-character game feature, welcoming players to submit a cherished family heirloom (be it their first cricket bat or grandfathers pipe) or a meticulously hand-crafted item tied to their character for display throughout the event.

Every submission will be provided with a hand made booklet, inviting all attendees to share their thoughts and admiration for each piece. This delightful game element was created with the intention of providing players with a platform to showcase their exquisite handicrafts inviting all hobbits to marvel and celebrate the rich tapestry of our shared heritage.

In order to partake in this game feature, you'll need to bring both your item as well as a plaque (you may create this however you wish!) describing its significance and your character name. 

These may be presented at sign in for our Hobbit Helpers to add to the exhibition before its unveiling.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to collect your item before you depart!

Photo by Evelyn
Photo by Liam Allan Photography


We've created an events calendar to make it even easier to attend our pre-game events so you can be as prepared as possible for Hobbits Hoedown this November. Attendance is not mandatory! We've created these as a way to involve the community, socialise before the game begins and build excitement. 

The pre-game events are set up through Facebook events however specific details are emailed out to ticket holders as the event approaches. 

Copy of Events Planner Calendar.png




PLEASE NOTE: Due to the increase in catering and change of site, there have been changes to ticket pricing to accommodate these costs. We are a not-for-profit event and every dollar from every ticket goes straight back into improving the game itself. We hope you continue to trust and support our game at this years new site that has been selected with just as much care.


Adults: $235.00pp
Tickets purchased during the first wave will allow for preference of cabin (subject to availability). 

You must bring your own bedding and pillow - this ticket secures you a bunk with a mattress.


Adults: $185.00pp

You'll be asked for the meterage of your tent at the point of purchase in order for our operational team to designate a space to you. Due to the ticket price being made up to cover site location, decorations and catered food - we cannot reduce this cost if you do choose to share a tent. 


Adults: $100.00pp - SOLD OUT FOR 2024
Only available to those who have successfully applied for this role prior to ticket sales. A reduced rate in exchange for volunteering at the event with bump in and cleaning duties. 



Children Under 12: FREE

Under 12 tickets for dormitories are capped, should your little one not require their own bunk this can be accommodated, though it is crucial to contact us via email should this occur as to allow for event capacity.

While children are welcome at the event - they are the responsibility of the parent/guardian throughout its duration and must be supervised.

Photo by Michael Rutter Photography


First aid kits will be in various locations at the site and will be indicated to during sign in and the pre-game brief. A designated First Aid Officer will be on site at all times to distribute emergency care if required. 

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